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Hi everyone!!! I am a journalist and content writer and this here is my blog — most useful for when potential job-givers are creeping me, but also occasionally functional as a place where I explain to you my feelings. It is currently undergoing some changes, so hang tight if you click on a link and it doesn’t take you where you want to go. I’m on it!


  1. Keith Sherrard

    Nice article on my son (Ryan Sherrard) who is curling for Germany in Scotland at the Euros 🙂 We are all routing for a German qualifier so Ryan can be back in Canada and back into the curling scene which is so integral to his DNA (a field which he is studying at LUM in Munich)
    Looks like his determination and enthusiasm is contagious and the Team is finally living up to their potential.
    Hope to see you in Edmonton. keith.sherrard @gmail.com
    (Campbell River, BC)

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