I’m Covering The Dodgers Game Tomorrow!

You’ll have to keep this a secret because I’m supposed to act like I’ve been there before — but tomorrow I’m going to cover my first Dodgers game this year.

I’ve thought a lot about what to say to you guys in advance of this moment. Should I tell you how much I read and studied for this? (Answer: a lot. I am almost a walking Dodgers and Cardinals fact book). Should I tell you my future goals and plans? (I have a whole document I wrote called “My Gold Medal Plan” that sets forth who I intend to become). Should I play it cool and simply post an Instagram when I get to the ballpark? (Obviously did not go with that one).

My answer, what I really want to talk about, is that I don’t know what to wear. I didn’t want to say this because it sounds reductionist and not the image I want to portray about female sports journalists — but I’ve had this same conversation with men as well so I think it might be an everybody thing. What do you wear to the press box at a baseball game?

Obviously a cardinal rule is that you can’t wear any team’s colours. (Yes, that’s colours with a “u”). I can’t very walk up to Mike Matheny — Cardinals manager for all you non sports fans — decked out in Dodgers blue and assure him of unbiased coverage. When you’re press, you can’t be a fan.

The other thing I can’t really wear are my ripped jeans. I’ve spent the weekend telling myself that I can’t wear them. It’s been really hard to get this through my head. I just bought them and they look so good on me. They really do. I’m providing a photo below for proof that I literally just look way cooler than I usually do when I’m wearing these ripped jeans. But unfortunately — I don’t think they convey the right level of professionalism we’re going for here.

Great for Instagram, bad for future employment. Like everything.

I need to go conservative. I need the women’s version of khakis. I’m guessing the men will be wearing khakis. This is what I have heard from men when discussions about press box attire have arisen. They wear khakis and golf shirts.

What is the women’s version of khakis and golf shirts? Don’t say khakis and a golf shirt because I’m almost sure I could live 100 years and you would never see me in either.

It’s too late to buy anything so I have to salvage what’s in my closet.

Listen, I am sure we are all dying to know who will walk away with a win tomorrow night.

But, to be quite honest, I think the real story is going to have something to do with whether or not I find appropriate clothes for this major milestone.


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