Trying To Be A Sporty Gal

I’ve never been a sporty gal or anything close.

I did try almost every sport growing up — softball, soccer, skating, swimming, sailing, curling, skiing — you get the drift. But I was never the best at any of these activities. I was always the person who filled out the rest of the team so there’d be 10th, 11th, 12th place finishers. You get it.

In my adulthood I’ve forced myself to become more active for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being my appearance. It’s aided by sports. It’s still not perfect, but trust me, it’s a lot less perfect without sports.

So this winter I’ve been doing this thing called ClassPass. It’s an app you pay for where you get to sign up for leftover classes at various gyms and studios around town.

I’ve found some great places on it, but in my area there are mostly only yoga and pilates joints. Snore! I can not stay interested in yoga and pilates. I’m sorry to all you yogis out there but not only do I suck at yoga — it just doesn’t grab my interest.

This weekend was a challenging one with ClassPass. If you cancel a class within 12 hours or if you simply don’t show up they charge you a fee. Well, I had signed up for a class that was to be on Saturday morning and when the time came I just didn’t feel like going to it.

Not at all. The classes get so repetitive after a while, and I’m still a 10th, 11th, 12th place finisher and I just didn’t want to commit my Saturday morning to that sort of situation.

So I did something kind of terrible but genius. I dragged myself to the studio, signed in, and then turned around and got a latte. Totally beat the ClassPass system.

I went home and went for a swim instead, which was totally refreshing and I didn’t have to compete against anyone in class beside me.

That was when I decided I’d put a stop to the ClassPass thing for a while. Unfortunately, another one of my routes to sporty girl supremacy has dried up. Just like all my other sports of the past.

I’m nothing if not great at reimagining, however, so it won’t be long till I find something new.

I will keep you posted. There are still a lot of sports out there left for me to suck at.

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