The End Of An Era

It’s hard to believe but we’re almost at the end of it: I’m almost a Master.

I just have a few assignments left (not to mention that big ugly thesis which I’m still chipping away at) and then I’ll be what they call accomplished. Or something like that.

Where I was a year ago is fundamentally different from where I am now. Even though I’m not exactly where I want to be (I want a job! On camera! Covering cool stuff!) I’m further down the path than I sometimes realize. This year has given me the tools and confidence to step out into the world of journalism.

Of course if that fails I’ll just become a copywriter somewhere. (Oh Lord, spare me that fate).

This year has had more accomplishment and struggle, friends and loneliness, laughs and tears, than I would have guessed at even my cheesiest and most rom-com moments.

It’s pretty emotional that soon it’ll be all over — all the friends I’ve come to expect weekly will be dispersed across the globe doing their own things and our times at SC will be just memories.

When I think about my sports writing class, the one that this blog is for, it’s funny to imagine all of us at the beginning. I mean the “us” that were there in the first semester, although the second has been great too.

There we were, us young’uns on that first day of class — doe-eyed, fresh faced, and getting lectured about the Tom Coughlin rule.

It’s hard to believe but Julian wasn’t even with us yet. We found him at a party and convinced him to take the class a few weeks in.

We made it all year together — losing some and gaining others — to the point we’re at now. I’m not sure where that is exactly except that I know, for 100 percent, that I can definitely write an AP story about curling.

(A year ago I would have never dreamed I’d revisit curling in any meaningful way in my life. But that’s sort of been the theme of this year).

I’m also fairly confident that I’m a proficient writer. I always wanted to be Nora Ephron and now I think someone should just let me. I know I can do it now. A year ago writing felt like my hidden talent. I was drafting e-mails for my then-boss who would “correct my grammar” as I tried very hard not to re-correct my grammar. I had a feeling I was much better at writing than her.

It was a sad circus. I’m glad I’m out of it.

Today, writing isn’t a hidden talent — it’s out in the open.

My goal just a year ago was simply to get out of the endless cycle of being underworked and unconfident. Now my goals are these: find a place where I can display my strengths, get paid, and become Nora Ephron.

It’s really not that tall of an order. Or at least, that’s what I’ve come to believe. This year I learned how to expect more, and believe in more. (Of course we’ll see if this holds during what might shape up to be a brutal job search, as job searches typically are).

The sports classes have been the biggest surprise of my year.

I suppose, in many ways, we learned the same things in class that you would learn on a team: unity, punctuality, skill, and self-belief.

Now we’re here. Despite not wanting to face it — the future awaits.

I’d give almost anything to go back and do it all over again. It’s been one of the best years of my life, even in its bad moments. However, though I can be very convincing when necessary, I can’t argue with life. And life is pushing all of us forward into new territory yet again.

It’s time for the next beginning. I can’t wait to see what everyone’s will be. Including mine.

Whatever it is, I know from experience that the Trojan family is lifelong and worldwide.

So — I’ll see you all around.



  1. Scott A. Ekleberry

    Welcome to the world of post-graduate degrees. I know how trying it can be, so congratulations on finishing. The job market is a kinder place than it was back in 2014 when I earned my MBA, I think you will do well. Best of luck in the future.

    PS : Caught your dating article on USA TODAY app, I certainly can relate to your story, though no woman has ever told me I was out because I could not talk to their mother. Please!

    • Thank you… I never thought I’d go back to school, let alone be finishing and looking for a job again! Very, very interested to see where the future takes me. …and thanks for reading my USA Today story!! Win some, lose some — eh? It was a really fun night, so that’s about all you can ask for. Thanks for the note. Cheers! xx

  2. Jim Heiser

    Read your dating story in USA Today just now and it made me smile remembering my all too often dates. Thanks for that.

    Then I decided to see what else you have written and stumbled onto this blog. You are definitely a talented writer and I’m 100% confident you will not only succeed but be your own best Nora Ephron. Good luck on the next chapter in your life.


    ps. Don’t sweat the dating thing. Your beautiful and talented. The right person will see that. Be patient a little longer and that too will happen. JH

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