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Another week is here yet again and it’s time for the ol’ sports blog entry.

Once again, I am at this precise moment scrambling to put together a curling story that should go up on the World Curling Federation website tomorrow. It’s supposed to be about women’s curling and the team who have qualified for Women’s World Curling Championships coming up in Beijing at the end of this month.

My editor doesn’t know this yet but I took a holistic approach to this assignment… meaning I interviewed some folks at the grassroots level to see what the Women’s World Curling Championships mean to them.

Specifically, I interviewed my friends at the Hollywood Curling Club. I’ve interviewed them a few times, they’re great sources.

How does an international competition held all the way in Beijing have anything to do with how curling is growing in Hollywood?

Well, hopefully my story will showcase this. If it does, then I’ve done my job and the gamble I took with this different twist will pay off.

If it doesn’t then… that’s going to really suck.

An interesting person I spoke with for this story is a Hawaiian living in Los Angeles who is one of the founding members of the Hollywood Curling Club. Curling isn’t exactly a native sport to Hawaii so I found her pretty unique.

I don’t want to scoop myself and give away too much of the story on this blog. But when it goes live in just a few hours I’ll link to it here. Keep your eyes peeled.

In the mean time, I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday. I’m losing my mind trying to finish the multitude of assignments coming down the pipeline before I go to Greece. I will be going to Greece this Wednesday to report on the Syrian refugee crisis and the Orthodox church in the country.

Anyway, enough of that. I’ve got to run and so do you. Stay cool you guys, and I’ll see you next week.

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