The Worst Time To Be Away From Edmonton

I have just spent a week in Edmonton, Alberta where it seems like a miracle is about to occur.

Of course I don’t want to jinx it but this might be the first time the Oilers have made the playoffs since 2006.

I was pretty pessimistic about it happening, but all that stands between them and the post season is a Tuesday night game against the Kings. Win that, and they’re in, they did it, it’s on.

This is absolutely the worst time in the last 10 years to be away from Edmonton.

Bigger markets don’t experience the same thing a smaller city does when their team (in any sport) makes the playoffs.

In Los Angeles plenty of teams could make or not make the playoffs and you’d find some people who care, others who barely notice, and plenty of people in between.

In Edmonton if the Oilers make the playoffs there is rioting in the streets, business stay open late or close early depending on what’s required of them to suit the needs of revelers, companies host watch parties, friends congregate on patios and in general — it’s the most electrifying atmosphere a city can experience.

Last time the Oilers made the playoffs I bought window flags for each side of my truck. That’s how serious things can get you guys.

This whole time I’ve been gone I’ve been praying the Oilers make/don’t make the playoffs. Make because they’re my team. Don’t make because it’s too painful to be away from Edmonton at a time like this.

Now it looks like it’s really going to happen and I’m worried because I don’t have cable or know anyone who does and am not sure how I’m going to watch any of the games.

But, what’s more important is: Edmonton. It’s going to be a party there and I’m going to miss it.

Every city has its season. For New Orleans its Mardi Gras. In Brazil its Carnival. For Edmonton: it’s when the Oilers make the playoffs.

Small cities have their charms. I’m going to miss this one in my hometown.

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