What’s Happening This Week In Sports?

This really isn’t the week for sports.

The NFL is over, baseball hasn’t started yet and hockey… what’s that?

Just kidding, I love hockey. But this is the point in the season where my favorite team is playing games with my heart for a playoff spot. So I can’t pay attention to hockey until the Oilers either do or don’t make the playoffs.

College basketball is happening… sure.

Budapest is no longer in the running to be a host city for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games… I don’t think this surprises anyone.

It’s an off week for sports.


Because it’s an on week for something else. Something very big.

It’s the Academy Awards!

Don’t think the powers that be don’t have all of this planned out. You can’t possible put any big match ups in the sports world on at the same time as the Oscars.

Getting people to tune in to anything is pretty hard, even more so when you cannibalize your audience. And lest you think I’m talking about the Oscars eating in to a game day crowd… it’s the other way around. I’m pretty sure if sports were on right now it’d take a bite out of the ever-shrinking Oscars audience.

And speaking of that ever-shrinking audience… who finds it odd that Warren Beatty announced the wrong winner for Best Picture?

Who finds this odd? Do you see a trend of this happening on live T.V.? Steve Harvey with Miss Universe, Katy Perry with Left Shark and now BEST PICTURE at the ACADEMY AWARDS is mis-awarded?

That doesn’t make any sense. When in the history of live television have there been so many significant errors from professional actors and presenters?

Since when in LIVE TELEVISION is there enough time for these errors to be corrected within the length of the broadcast?

Think about that for a minute. Somehow Warren Beatty makes the biggest mistake in Oscar’s history but the broadcast still finishes in time for scheduled commercial breaks?

What else is happening in television that coincides with these recent, unprecedented errors?

No one’s tuning in anymore.

Except to sports.

Producers need a gimmick. Mistakes are sticky on social media. There you have it.

Now tell me… how are sports able to retain significant audiences when they can’t fake who wins?

If the producers of live awards shows knew the answer to that, there’d be no more mistakes.


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