In There Like A Dirty Shirt

It really surprised me when I became an adult to learn not everyone uses the saying “in there like a dirty shirt.”

Where I come from it’s a standard.

If you’re “in there like a dirty shirt” you’re committed to wherever “there” is. You just keep popping up — invited or not.

In my life, curling is in there like a dirty shirt.

I never even wanted to curl but my parents made me. I was the worst curler in our club but every year they stuck me out on that ice and kept telling me that losing builds character.

Now you’re beginning to see why I have so much of it, aren’t you?

I thought moving to L.A. would get me far enough away from curling that I could keep it in my back pocket and pull it out like a parlor trick.

For a long time it was a hidden fact that I kept in a filing cabinet of other hidden facts which I pulled out on demand.

If the situation called for it, I’d tell people I have my motorcycle license, or that I’m a PADI Advanced scuba diver. Sometimes I’d even drop the I-worked-in-a-pawn-shop fact. Very, very rarely I’d treat people to the truth that I used to be a competitive curler.

But, curling’s in there like a dirty shirt. It won’t be relegated to the filing cabinet. Just like you can’t outrun your roots I can’t seem to get away from the sport.

It followed me straight into the middle of Grammy’s week and turned up on my schedule begging for my attention.

That’s because this week LA24 celebrated their one year countdown to the Olympic games in South Korea.

LA24’s the official Exploratory Committee to bring the 2024 Olympic games to the City of Angels. The group is headed up by Casey Wasserman who, by the way, will be speaking at USC on February 15, so hit me up if you want the details on that.

To celebrate the 365-marker LA24 threw a big Olympic bash in the heart of Koreatown featuring — you guessed it — curling!

They joined up with the Hollywood Curling Club (yup, there is one) to put it all together and if you look at this photo below… you can see Liza Beres (taking the photo) who is from Calgary, Alberta originally and the president of Hollywood Curling Club. I did a profile on her last semester because curling is my beat now.

Like I said, dirty shirt.

The jury’s still (literally) out on whether L.A. will beat out Paris to host the games (or Budapest, technically).

Well, for some people the jury isn’t totally out. Mayors of over 50 cities signed an agreement last week to back the bid for Paris to host in 2024. Six of those cities previously hosted the Olympics themselves. Which kind of isn’t the PR L.A. needed (or, again, technically Budapest as well).

I can’t tell you what effect this will have on L.A.’s bid, but I can tell you this: LA24 throws a good curling party. And trust me, I know how to party.

Let’s give it to them, folks.

With a curling party like that they’re on the right track.

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